Truth 2018

I am great but I cannot sit by and see the children of this world crushed by a false reality. I cannot sit by and watch the worship of the dollar. I cannot sit by and watch the destruction of women by man. I cannot sit by and watch the lust and greed and envy by a world that has lost the plot. So for all those who think I have lost the plot, no I found the plot and you are all welcome to it. I have a 14 year old girl held hostage by the government, instead of being home here where she belongs she is a prisoner and the government has now taken custody of her.

Yet I have had my two disabled children here at home in my care all their lives and they still are, those who know them know how beautiful and special, gentle sweet people they are. My ex husband refuses to have my youngest daughter at home with him and she refuses to go to him. He did have an office in black mountain tower in canberra before i met him , he worked for the government as a radio technician with high security clearance. He works for the government now in gladstone earning 100’s of thousands of dollars a year. He abused me every day for 8 years we were together. He has been convicted of assaulting me, he has been convicted of loading guns up and putting them against my head. He was convicted of assaulting his first wife adn then banned from going within 10 kilometres of his children to his first marriage until they turned 18. My name was c*nt only the prefix changed. Little, lazy, diry, filthy, big you name it I was just a c*nt.

So when I finally escaped from him after soo many times in refuges, first two years my youngest daughter life she didn’t know him, hadnt met him, so it culminated in my running in the middle of the night with 6 children to safety, travelling 1500 kilometres by foot, taxi, bus, train down to my parents to get to safety and living in emergency housing ghetto with nothing but the clothes on our backs he took me to court and won, his abuse was ignored and instead they attacked every minute detail of me. He won and won and won. I told the truth on every single affidavit I wrote in court from 2009 until now. I never lied, he would lie continually, I proved he lied over and over I was ignored and his stories would change. I havent seen my son since 2015,

I havent seen my 17 year old who now has a criminal record for assaults 3 times over, and my youngest ran away to come to me, the courts took her back, she ran away again and so docs locked her up in foster care facility in october last year. She is still there, sh has been assaulted numerous times, she has had all her personal items stolen, she now has a record herself for retaliating when police grabbed her and hurt her and she pushed them away, she is angry, suicidal and still they play their game. I wasn’t allowed to see her for her 14th birthday 2 days ago on the 22nd, she had a miserable day of sadness crying to me on phone, getting sicker by day, in pain with her soul being destroyed day by day. Behind your comfy lives there is games being played. Some of you know this and know the games, some of you don’t and just go about your lives in the bubble.

I can’t live in the bubble anymore people I tried, its not real my daughter will come home to where she belongs so I can help her to heal with the love i have alway given her before she is destroyed. I dam not a drug addict, I dont even take panadol, I don’t smoke cigarettes, I have no mental health issues no matter how many times they test me to seee if they get their desired outcome. This is a real live child being destroyed. Her name is Kahleah Celeste. It means clear bright skies, I wish they could be but my little sky girl is getting dimmer by the day. She is being held by DOCS in Gladstone in an aboriginal facility I believe. Many of you know her and have met her with me over the years. Ask Kaye and Cheryl and Rebekkah Charles and others who do know how long I have fought a corrupt system for justice. But the system is a lie, there is no truth and no true justice until now. Justice is not revenge, justice is redemption, restoration but justice can be either depending on how lady liberty is treated. So if you want to help, if you want to join the heart you are more than welcome to help me save my child and give her liberty.

I will not back down this time, I will not be placated by empty words, Hope remained while I lived in the bubble but she flew away leaving the truth sitting here and yes truth is my middle name my name is MargareTruth, by name and nature and this is all about the children because they are your future.

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Truth is neither Good nor Evil Truth can Be anything or nothing Truth is because it as it was Maצet